Life and Times

Recent Features and Interviews:

C-Heads Magazine – “Nostalgic feelings, muted colours, 60s and 70s records and book lovers”
C-Heads MagazineAn afternoon with Montana and Brooke
Racquet & Tax – “Through his photography, he wonderfully recreates the days of yore, owning a catalogue of imagery that serves as a momentary timewarp”
Lookslikefilm –
„His images go beyond making a fashion statement on a particular era; they tell a story of society and culture.“
Coultique –
„Sich wirklich lebendig fühlen – in jedem Augenblick, dies hält Bob Sala in soften Farben mit einem Quäntchen Hippie-Nostalgie und Charme der 60er und 70er Jahre fest.“
We and the Color – 
Themed with music, literature, and a nostalgic sense of past times like the charming look of the 1960s/70s, his images of beautiful girls are characterized by an authentic look of analog photography.
Flake Mag –
„Inherent Vice“
Badabäng Magazine – „wundervolle Bilder, gepaart mit poetischen Weisheiten“
HipHipHooray – „ansprechend, atmosphärisch und sehenswert“
SticksandStones„Desert of Boredom“
B-Authentique – „Frankie Miles“ & „Paulina“ & „Hannah“


Bob shot work for:

  • Rolling Stone
  • Vinyl Stories
  • Ramp Magazine
  • Lack of Color
  • Zulu & Zephyr
  • Edwin Europe
  • Topknot Goods
  • Dreams and Dust
  • Sunflowerseed Vintage
  • Nine Lives Bazaar
  • Sunday Somewhere
  • Pulp Master
  • Volley Australia
  • Fillyboo
  • Van der Kooij
  • Somedays Lovin
  • For Lovers Only
  • Fallen Broken Street
  • Ziggy Denim
  • Be Edgy
  • The Bare Road
  • Bamba Swim
  • Mr. Jones Watches


Mail: / Tel. 0176 8306 1257 / Instagram: @bob_sala

In a sense I was one of them — more competent than some and more stable than others — and in the years that I carried that ragged banner I was seldom unemployed. Sometimes I worked for three newspapers at once. I wrote ad copy for new casinos and bowling alleys. I was a consultant for the cockfighting syndicate, an utterly corrupt high-end restaurant critic, a yachting photographer and a routine victim of police brutality. It was a greedy life and I was good at it. I made some interesting friends, had enough money to get around, and learned a lot about the world that I could never have learned in any other way.

Hunter S. Thompson – The Rum Diary